Video Editing

Video & Photos & Sound is recorded. But it it the editing process that bring all the fragmented components together. Think of it as the ingredients needed to prepare a meal. Raw ingredients are not necessarily a delight. However the blending, and preperation, and cooking of these ingredients results into something that is desireable.

What is Editing? and Why Edit ?

Good Question Long Answer RecordAZ Serving Hendersonville, Nashville TN. area The processing of ( Acquired Content ) for presentation, by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it. Video editing Is the process of manipulating and rearranging Video & Photos & Sound to create a new work. Editing is part of the Post Production Process — other post production tasks include , framing, color correction, filters & enhancements, contrast & briteness, clip transitions, sound mixing, titling, etc. The Goals of Editing To look and sound good and bring smiles ! Terms You may need to know , Editing, We got you covered !
Single Frame Edits - Where is the Orginal ?

RAW Content

Video, Photos & Sound in the RAW sense, can be like an Un-Cut Diamond, which is a Diamond in the rough, Before the process of fashing it to be a Fine Stone to be placed on a setting . This is where post production comes into play. The Process - by an Artisan Craftsman, with Imagination, takes Time to Work the RAW Component into a fine peice.

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Editing is : The combination of Video and Audio recordied at your event. Audio and Video components are assigned to their own tracks. Sound is eq’d, leveled, and mixed into ( Left + Right ) sound fields. Video clips, framed, color corrected, briteness & contrast adjusted. Along with transisions and other effects are applied. Resulting in the final mix, which is then rendered and copied to Video DVD Disk / USB Flash Drive / Cloud Services.