Recording Began

Friday, February 3, 1961, The Flintstones. Epesode 19 - “The Hot Piano” Fred’s 10th wedding anniversary (which he only remembers because it falls on "Trash Day") Recorded Epesode 19 with Microphone by the TV Speaker and pluged into a “Voice of Music Model 700 Reel to Reel Audio Recorder.” Video Recorder - Sony 1975 Reel to Reel Analog days of doing Audio Recording at Studio ( RecordIT ). During that time, , I got to thinking, “Film” on “ Tape” a “Video Tape Recorder”. Soon aquired a Sony Reel to Reel Black & White Recorder with a Built in Monitor, and began to explore Video along with the Audio Studio component of things. Audio, Video, RecordIT 2016 - Forty Years have since transpired Cam ReCorders ( an Evolution ) before our Eyes The Advent of Miniaturization and Micro Electronics Allows for all this to Come Together ( Very Nicely ) Trivia Side Note ( 1979 ) an Aranged Dinner There was a consensius that Kenny Frank of 3M Corporation the Inventor of Magnetic Recording Tape and i needed to meet.

Multi Track Audio ( Early 70 ‘s )

2 Inch Magnetic Tape

Editing occured in Two places, on a Mixing Console and with a Rasor Blade and a Tape Splicing Block.

Play it Again

After replaying back the tape several times: The Content was filed in my Thoughts. Which I Still Can reCall some 59 years later. Memories ( ReKindeled ) Recording < RR Stop Pause PLAY Rec FF > 1975 - Not the Right Time PreMature. The Sisuation was that the General Public did not posses a Sony Player to View the (BW) Tape. The timing was Not Right, the Idea is in-Place. Many years later, now 2010, have brought many changes. The Game Changer, is the ability to Deliver a Camera Video to Common Format ( DVD Video Disk ) which Most of the Public Possess ( known as a.. Video DVD Player .. Readly Viewable. 2016 - the Right Time VSH & 8mm Cassette versions initially, Tape Recording Devices. Eventually came the Video CamCorder ( DVD Disk ) version, and then to ( Micro SD ) cards. Video Recordings *Digital” are now Stored in a Memory Chip. The Video, in Digital Format, is then Loaded into a Computer. Video Editing Software is Used to make Adjustments & to Keep wanted Content, and Discard the un-wanted Content.

Editing - Today

Video Packages Video Packages Film Transfers Film Transfers Video Packages Video Packages Film Transfers Film Transfers

Editing - Yesterday

Seeking Great Results

The Fundamentals Remain the Same. Editing Equipment has a Differing Interface. Editing a Project may Consist of Many Audio and Video Tracks.

Post Production

Video Editing Software is Used to Select the Content to be Use, Work with it in away that Displays the Videographer’s Imagination.

Multi Track ( Audio & Video )